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Building an income stream with dividend stocks

In my last post here: ( Medium , Stillztech:Finance ), I briefly covered two types of income streams to help boost your monthly income. These two types of streams were dividend investing and P2P Lending. In this post, we cover how to develop a second income stream using dividend based stocks. While this strategy is not new, it’s a great topic to explore and I thought it might be useful to share what works for me. So, why dividend based stocks? I’ve listed a few key points below: Dividends : Price per share payout for each share you own (or fraction of a share) Appreciation : While dividends are great, you get the added bonus of the stock growth (or sometimes loss) over the life of the stock. Compounding : With fractional shares, your dividends can buy “fractions” of a share. As your holding grow, your dividend payments increase. Consistency : Even if the price of the stock drops, a good company will continue to pay its shareholders dividends. Emergency Income: Depending
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The Art of Budgeting

Forming a budget is the first step when building a solid financial foundation. The goals of a personal budget are as follows: Quickly show your “before expenses” and “after expenses” estimated balance Track paid vs pending expenses Track upcoming expenses (forecasting) Track the amount of money going to each expense Identify and develop trends to optimize your budget Keeping the budget simple and building upon it is a great way to get started. As you’ll see in the image below, one way we can keep the budget simple is by tracking only the “core” expenses. This means we’re excluding everyday items such as gas, coffee, food, etc... If you’re into that level of tracking, even better, but for this post the focus is on your core expenses. Forming a Budget As defined earlier, core expenses are items that have a recurring frequency or significant impact to the budget. Some examples are below: Electricity Cell Phone Insurance Car Payment Credit cards In